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  1. 一方通行 (Ippou Tsuukou)/JP; Gross; 頂のノア (Itadaki no Noah) 鉄腕レイディ (Tetsuwan Lady) からくり時計と恋の話 (Karakuri no Tokei to Koi no Hanashi) ゆらめきドライフラワー (Yurameki Dry Flower) 巡音の秘密 (Megurine no Himitsu) 東 京 リ ア ル ワ ー ル ド (Tokyo Real World) Gaṇeśa.
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  4. And the bond, which combines, y'all turn into a blur For the feelins were the same, now here's the score You love him to much, and they don't love him anymore Or did you have to choose a number Or because your not bein true Or maybe they're just plain sick of seein you Word, now it might seem strange.
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